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Please Call Again. [21.09.2007|01.31p]
1417892431 E9B4E32775 O

So many of you may be wondering where the hell I disappeared to. In short, school has been keeping me busy, and I just haven't found the time to do some serious blogging.

I've had quite a lot of reading to do, and lots of notes to take, and believe it or not, lots of blogging to do for actual course work (yes, my New Media courses have a blog component).

As such I've come to the following conclusion... I am most likely going to have to depart from this lovely blog for sometime.

Now before you panic and think "Oh no! Where am I going to get my ______ly dose of Adam's wisdom?". Fear not dear readers, I'm not leaving completely.

The problem with this blog is that I tend to use it to write big ass posts, each with a very nice header image (it took me about half an hour to come up with todays) and they generally are very long winded rants, stories, or thoughts. As such, it is quite a lot of work to keep it updated. However, I do want to continue posting little thoughts and ideas and such and so I've come up with a solution.

I will have 4 places where you can visit for a dose of "Adam".

Wordpress: For times when I want to write a thought or short little story, or something along those lines. Similar to John Mayer's Blog. Nothing huge, nothing too serious, but still allowing me to write little entries.
Tumblr: Titled, "Random Shit from Adam" it will be just that (although generally not full text entries). Be it a funny picture, video, thought, etc. These will all go here.
Jaiku: Status updates from me. Find out what I'm currently doing - these will just be quick short little snippets - nothing major.
Here: Yes, here. On occasion, I will return to this blog to write longer, more insightful or in-depth thoughts, or continue my long ass rants, or to tell a really good story, or to continue "Schoales Improvements to Technology". If I do make a post here I will be sure to alert everyone over at the Wordpress.

So hopefully no one is too devastated (which I doubt anyone is because I don't think I really have much of a readership). I do love this blog, which is why I wont let it die forever, and why I do say, "Please Call Again". It's been a great outlet over the past few years and I will miss it. However I also look forward to having a blog where I can write quick or long posts about anything my heart desires.

So we shall see you soon over in the wonderful world of Wordpress.

:: adam.

ps. even though I searched for a half hour I couldn't for the life of me find a good "please call again" sign which is why I had to pick closed, even though we're not really closing - just on hiatus. so don't panic! Also be sure to read the Moving Pictures Blog if you want to see how my film projects are going!
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A Second Hand Memory [13.09.2007|07.51p]
1363705070 6C84D4C33D O

One of the greatest things about living in Toronto is that you are in the heart of Canada's entertainment hub, and the best part about living in Toronto in September is a little something called The Toronto International Film Festival.

TIFF is one of the biggest festivals of the year (right up there with Cannes and Sundance) and brings some of the biggest names in Hollywood (and the rest of the world too) to this fair city.

I had been wanting to go to the festival for a few years now and since I am now actually living here (feels really weird to say that) I actually get the chance to.

To be completely honest I didn't put much thought into it until I heard that Woody Allen - my all time favourite director, and a huge inspiration to me - would be showing up to premiere his new film Cassandra's Dream starring Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell. And so my quest for Woody began.

I had tried to get tickets earlier in the week to no avail. The man on the phone suggested calling at 7 am the day of, and if that didn't work to show up to the rush line. Well 7 am came and I called only to find out that the box office wasn't open until 10. This angered me significantly. And so at 10 I called again only to be informed they had stopped selling tickets. Now I was pissed! However I was determined...

That night we headed off to Roy Thomson Hall. When we arrived the crowd had already gathered - most of them there to see Ewan or Colin (including some stupid old hag who wouldn't shut up about Ewan and more or less insulted us for wanting to see Woody), not caring that they were about to see a living legend - and we did our best to get a view of something. And then Woody got out of his limo. I freaked. We did our best to get a shot of him, but it was difficult. He turned to the crowd very briefly and then headed out to walk the red-carpet leaving all of us in the dust. We did manage to get a few pictures though, which can be seen over at Facebook.

This was a real bummer for me. I really wanted to see him close up, possibly get an autograph. After all, this guy is one of my heroes! To make matters worse the rush-line was so long there was no way we were going to be able to get into the film.

We decided to wait around until after the show got out, hoping we might see them once more. And thats when it began to pour. We were caught in this huge rainstorm - we ended up flagging a cab and heading back to rez.

The night was far from successful. It was quite the downer.

However my TIFF adventures were far from over...

Last night we had just finished dinner around 8 when I mentioned to that the new film with Ellen Page (one of the finest actors working today, who also happens to be from Canada, and who I am madly in love with) was premiering at 9.45 and if maybe he wanted to check it out. It was all very last minute, but since we both love Ellen Page, and really had nothing better to do we headed off.

When we arrived, the line up was around the block. We couldn't believe it. There was no way these people all wanted to see The Tracey Fragments. Turns out, they didn't. Most were there for Déficit or rather Gael García Bernal who was making his debut as a director. It was in the rush line that we met Duncan, a cool dude from Wales who had just finished his script-writing class and was going for one last blow-out before heading back to the working world (incidentally, he also is a big fan of Mark Kermode. Needless to say we got along great!)

As the line grew shorted (as Déficit had sold out) people decided to go see Tracey Fragments instead. This pissed us off as we were terrified that we wouldn't get to see it, while these people who didn't even know what it was about would get a chance to.

But we had no need to worry. We got in. And it was one of the most incredible cinematic experiences of my life.

The whole film is told in split screen, and while you'd think this would be rather difficult to watch - it was incredible. While it was disorienting at times, this was mostly as a result of us being in the second row - and the screen being so close and huge - however this also made the film an incredibly visceral experience.

Following the film, there was a question and answer period with the director, the editors, other members of the crew, and a few members of the cast (this is where I mention that I knew a cast member, Daniel Fathers, however he had a tiny role and wasn't present at the screening). And Ellen came down. And Nate and I freaked. She was there, 10 feet from us, maybe closer. And she was amazing. She was chill, and natural, and smart... it was so cool to actually be seeing her in person. Nate took lots of pictures, most of which can be found over at his Facebook.

But that wasn't it.

As we all began to filter out of the audience, Ellen was hanging behind to talk to some people. I decided that I would be a tool and go and ask for an autograph... after all some guy asked for a picture with her and she obliged. I almost got it too! I was right next to her - less than a foot away from her... shaking like an 80 year old man with Parkinson's! She was busy talking with a producer (who was trying to hire her... yeah that's right, we witnessed a deal) and not being a douche I didn't interupt. Just when I thought I would get my chance the theatre usher told us we had to leave theatre so they could clear out for the next film. Any autographs or photos would have to be done outside...

So we waited, and she was there - but she was talking with her friends (including Mark Rendall also from ReGenesis, and also the voice of Arthur...) and I would have felt weird interrupting her. Eventually it was time they took off to head off to a party and we were heading out of the theatre as she was leaving... and she did look at me... I think she could tell I wanted an autograph or something but was too nervous.

We hung outside for a little bit, hoping we could get an autograph from the director, Bruce McDonald - but he too was busy talking with friends. Mark Rendall was also right there, and also talking to someone so I couldn't interrupt.

All in all - despite missing out on prime autograph opportunities, it was one of the most amazing nights of my life. I know that I was more excited by these Canadian celebs than I would have been with most of the people at TIFF, and the fact that we got so close to them, could of very well talked to them made it all the more cool.

I should mention that my friend, Nessa, got to see Cassandra's Dream (and Woody - numerous times) and she said it was great. She also knows the producer of Tracey Fragments, and I got her to pass on my message of how incredible the film was.

All in all - my first TIFF experience was incredible. And now that we've done it once, we'll know better for next year. Hopefully Ellen will be back and I can get up the guts to say something... that is if she hasn't ballooned into a superstar... which with 2 new movies coming out (including Juno which is supposed to be amazing, and may even get her an oscar nom according to some) she very well could be.

What a night.
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Weekend in the Concrete Jungle. [09.09.2007|11.12p]
1352662991 A0D4Dd812B O

And so my first weekend in the big city is over. Still alive and kicking. Although I haven't been feeling the best over the past few days... well past few weeks actually, I'm still doing alright. Nothing too exciting this weekend happened. Tonight we went for sushi with an old friend of mine from camp who I haven't seen in probably about 3 years. It was great (the meal, not the not seeing her part)! I had never really had sushi before, and didn't think I'd like it but it was actually really good!

The most exciting bit for me was going out and buying my new iPod to replace my dead one (until it gets repaired). Nate and I headed off to the Apple Store bright and early Saturday morning. I had planned to get a nice orange one, but then I noticed that the new (product) RED ones had arrived and since they were the same price, donated money to a good cause, and quite frankly were the nicest looking and got one. Check out my exciting unboxing experience on Facebook.

I really like (product) RED. Normally I'm not a big fan of those charities that have a gimmick (live strong, the pink ribbon, etc) but there's something about this one that I just like. Firstly, that you pay the same price for something that you were going to get anyways, you know that the money actually is going to where it says it is, your fighting HIV/AIDS (which is always a good thing), and the (red) designs are just so damn nice! They do a really great job of making everything look really great, you'd be a fool not to go with the (red) option.

I liked (red) so much I even put together my own little ad in Graphic Design class this year. I am really proud of it and think that it's one of my best works.

Deflowered  By Ehmjay

That's it from me for tonight. Early class tomorrow (and a long day). Take care everyone.

:: adam.

interesting note: we walked past the four seasons centre for the arts tonight (picture above) and Matt Damon's new film was being shown. Sadly he wasn't around for us to see. Sad. One of Nates OCAD friends got to see Bradgelina. Lucky bastard.
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iMourn [08.09.2007|12.23a]
1343619739 D433A42F80 O

It is with great sadness that I write today's post. Yesterday around 12.05 pm, my dear friend, Bret the iPod, passed away to the big dock in the sky. The portable music world will never be the same. Well perhaps not he world... and perhaps not never... but he will be greatly missed by all who knew him... okay maybe not all. Okay I'll miss him... it... Bret.
1343651797 Fe2765Bb8F O
So you probably want the full story. Even if you don't you're going to get it anyways. As many of you know I'm sure Apple recently announced their new line of iPods to be released shortly. I was extremely excited by the news and rather foolishly made a short blog post regarding how excited I was and how I was so happy I had an iPod that was so close to death. Be careful what you wish for.

I was walking from class and thought to myself, "Self, I wonder if the new iPods have arrived at the Apple Store. We should go check them out!" And so off we headed. However halfway through a glorious rendition of "Ladies of the World" my iPod locked up on me. This had happened in the past and I knew to reset it and things would work just fine. Well, not so much. I saw the thing every iPod user dreads, the sad iPod icon or as I like to call it, "The iPod of Death". I've had the problem in the past and knew that the solution would most likely be a good slam on a desk. However I listened closely and noticed that it sounded like someone was trying to play a record with a piece of sandpaper inside of my iPod... this is not a good sign. Even a few slams could not seem to do the trick.

And so with great tragedy I had to pronounce my iPod dead. In another bitter twist of iRony, I had just written a survey for my new media class in which I had mentioned that my iPod is the one gadget I do not think I could live without (I don't count my laptop as a gadget). Cellphone - who needs it? Watch - whatever! iPod? No way man. Now I'm so completely lost. I have nothing to listen to music to and from class, as I brush my teeth, as I wash my face, before I go to sleep. It's been tortuous. I'm going to try and get it fixed using my extended warrantee - of course this is Future Shop we're dealing with and they'll probably say something like "Oh, you used this to play music? We don't cover that. Sorry". It's going to be a long 6 weeks (although I have a plan to get one on the spot...), but in the meantime I may have to pick up a shuffle to tide me over. Only $89. Let's just hope I get a replacement and I cant ditch the shuffle, because if it's all I got, I'm fucked.

Alas, here ends an era of the 4G, 20gb iPod with Colour Screen named Bret (which up until it's death did not have a name. I decided to call it Bret because it died whilst playing some Flight of the Conchords, and I wanted to call the new one Jermaine cause he's my favourite... and Murray isn't a good name for an iPod). He will be missed terribly. And I do mean terribly. I feel so lost without my little white guy. At least I still have my Laptop (knock on wood).

In memorial of Bret I put together this little headstone.
1344130259 82806Ca3E2 O

You'll notice it bears a striking resemblance to an iPod sitting in it's dock. Wish I could say that was intentional from the start. It wasn't. But it was a very nice coincidence (also, I must give credit to Robin for coming up with the little phrase at the end. Very clever darling).

So long Bret. You sure did have it goin' on.

:: adam.

ps. yes I did rip off the halo iPod look from Scott's blog regarding getdataback. If your gonna steal, steal from the best. Right?
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Thank You Eggerton. [07.09.2007|01.57p]
1342042455 2F499F8E2F O

Well, today has been a interesting day. Not one of the best so far that is for damn sure!

Went to my Pop Culture class, and it seems like it should be an okay class. Didn't really talk about much today, just read over the syllabus. Didn't talk much about what we would be doing. At first I was a little concerned I was at the wrong room cause the board said something about writing but it all worked out. The big disappointment however was that no laptops are allowed in class! Don't ask me why, but yeah. Gonna have to do notes the old fashioned way. How stupid is that? Nicole Ritchie stupid I would say!

My second lecture of the day was a much better experience. Thankfully I managed to find the people I knew in there. We got our syllabus and rather than just talking about the course material we actually were given a lecture. It was really cool actually. My prof. is a really cool guy and we watched a really cool movie, "Paris Qui Dort". We also sorted out the whole deal with class being cancelled and my being in 3 rooms at once issue. Turns out the second slot was supposed to be a tutorial which was actually supposed to run on Tuesdays. In other words, the Tuesday stuff is non-existant, and the Thursday 5-6 stuff is also non-existant. So now I only have a 1 hour tutorial on Tuesdays, but since they don't start until the 25th I don't actually have class at on on Tuesdays for a few weeks. Which is kinda nice.

Almost have a complete booklist now, so I guess I'll have to go do that this weekend.

In the evening we spent a little time down in our lounge area talking with some people Nate knew, and their friends, and the like. They invited us all to go see Superbad but I had to pass, as it's Superbad, I still wasn't (and am not) feeling great, it's Superbad, I had lots of work to do still, it's Superbad, I gotta make sure I watch how I spend my money, and it's Superbad!

Tomorrow I only have a one hour tutorial (hardly seems worth it) but it isn't until 11.00 so I should get to sleep in a bit.

And yes, as I walked past the statue of Eggerton Ryerson I did thank him for giving us "visual learning". Think Slopek will give me bonus marks?

:: adam.
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Ryerson: Day One, Again. [05.09.2007|06.19p]
1332661932 30F03Fe423 O

Well here I am. I've survived day two one of my schooling at Ryerson. If your a little confused by the title or the previous sentence don't worry. It was meant to be confusing.

You see, today was technically speaking the first day of class, however it actually was the second day of class.

You see yesterday we all showed up for our first course. "Concepts/Visual Studies". I managed to track down a few of the people I met at orientation and also managed to meet some new people along the way. We all headed up into the classroom and began to wait. And wait. And Wait. Not that we minded waiting, we had plenty to talk about, it was just odd. We figured we'd be giving extra time to find the place since we're all first years, and we all knew that class started 10 minutes after the hour, and we all were thinking "man they take this 10 minute thing to heart" but it was starting to get ridiculous.

After about 40 minutes someone comes to the front of the class to announce that class had been cancelled and that we should come back on Thursday. Of course I have class at that time so it should be interesting...

And so we all headed back home. So my first day turned out to be a 40 minute trip to the classroom and then a trip back home.

Wasn't a complete loss, I stopped in at the Apple Store and then had some McDonalds.

Which brings us to today. Naturally things are going to go smoother, right? Wrong.

I headed off to class and managed to find the building and classroom alright. Went and sat down and didn't recognize anyone... eventually the one guy I knew, AJ, did show up but he didn't notice me at first so he was at the other side of the room. (Turns out that Chris, the OTHER guy I met at orientation is in the class too from what I could tell...)

Thats when the Prof came in. He informed us that the prof for the other class in that block (the one that my other friends are in) was sick on monday, then her first son got sick, and now the other one got sick so she was going to have to stay home... we were all thinking "Oh great, another cancelled class?"

Not quite.

Basically the two classes were going to be moving into the same room where we would go over the two course outlines together (which made sence since all of us were in both courses just at differnet times).

So we had to crowd into a cramped little room with very few chairs while we listened to David (our cool prof) talk.

We went over the course outline, and though I was kinda sad that video isn't a big component this year unlike in the past (boourns) it looks like tis going to be really fun. Only one textbook so far (which is awesome, especially since its only like 40 bucks) and NO exam in these two classes (which means I'll only have 3 exams! woot!) Also, we will be required to keep blogs (great, another one for me to deal with!), make audio and video podcasts, among other very cool projects. The year is shaping up to be very cool indeed.

We had wrapped up around 11.30 and so I headed back home for some relaxation time.

Tomorrow I have Popular Culture, and the lecture for "Concepts/Visual Studies" (hopefully this time it won't get cancelled!).

Wish me luck!

:: adam.
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Live from 89 Chestnut Street [03.09.2007|11.32p]
1317583042 9F3A9Dba4B O

Well here I am. Day two in Toronto, and still alive. A shock for many of you I'm sure. In fact, even I am a bit surprised. I was really not ready to make this big move. I wanted to go back to Eastwood, but it was time to move on to bigger and (hopefully) better things. But let me give you a break down of my first little bit of Toronto Life.

As we were moving in I felt so sick. I was getting my area all set up, my bed all made, my pictures up. Thats when it hit me. Like a tonne of bricks. I am actually living in Toronto. My friends are all back in K-W, and I'm here in the big city.

We managed to get settled in and my folks took off rather quickly (had to get home for a party) and so for a while it was just me alone in the room. Not so good. I have to say I'm so glad I have a roommate otherwise I'd be wallowing in my sadness.

Nate was there and we talked for a bit, about nothing really. He was clearly avoiding the pink elephant. We went to breakfast with his parents and I was feeling a bit better... had some toast and tea. Didn't want to upset my stomach.

We then headed back to our res, got a little more settled in and then headed off to the eatons centre to get a powerbar (left mine at home) and some jeans for nate. We then got back to the dorm and dicked around until our floor dinner.

We met our don and a few people from our floor and went to a Thai "Spring Rolls" restaurant. I had chicken chow mein. MUCH better than the eastwood caf.

Then after that we had a presentation called "SEX WITH THE DONS". The presentation was mostly geared toward safety and such around campus and the res. This was when the boys took an oath to not sexually assault any girls in the res, on campus, and not let sexual assault happen. of course, the ladies are free to rape us as they please. Then they demonstrated how to properly put a condom on. Like any good condom demo they used a banana... and a green condom. Not sure if it was mint flavored though.

Following that we headed back to our rooms where I chatted with you (and got frustrated with the effing webcam) and chatted with Nate. We talked about the usual stuff. Nerves, girls, etc. Told him how I'm going to miss eastwood... miss my family... miss Robin.

Then we just sorta did our own thing before heading off to bed. I feel this is a good time to mention the tap in our bathroom. Remember that Eddie Izzard skit about the tap where it goes from "Really fucking hot" to "Fucktastically Freezing!". Our tap, is that tap. 70% - ice cold. Move into that next millimeter - it will scald you like boiling water from a kettle. I know this, because it happened to me. Not fun. Got ready for bed and then crawled into my new double bed (not used to that).

This was when it got hard again. I kept thinking about how much I'm going to miss stuff. But finally my exhaustion got the best of me and I fell asleep.

I awoke fairly early in the morning and noticed I had the same problem again. I was thinking "only one more day until class. Classes not at eastwood. Classes not with friends. I wont be waking up at 7.30 screaming 'GOOOOOOOOOD MORNING REBELS!'. I wont be seeing Robin's smiling face in the morning (or frowny face when she went to the 'bathroom' during beynons class). I wont have Bill to make me laugh so hard I cry. I wont have Kay to dance sexy with. I wont have Douglas to make me think... and then I started to miss my bed (you know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and you think your in your bed at home only to realize your somewhere else and it scares you because your so jarred). Thankfully my alarm went off so I was able to get up and talk with nate to get my mind off stuff...

we went for breakfast downstairs (it was about 10 by this time) and I had a little bit to eat. Not alot as I was still feeling kinda sick. We then headed off to Ryerson so I could find my buildings. On the way we stopped at Starbucks where I found out you could order ANY SIZE tea (be it small or large) and it would only cost $1.70! This was very exciting. After finding my buildings, we headed to OCAD. Man was it hot and sweaty... We were going to meet Chris Burek for lunch. We didn't time this very well. we basically sat around for half an hour!

Eventually he showed and we went to go to the pizza place (the one with "the slice"), but alas it was closed. He said he knew of a GREAT place on college so off we headed. Of course this is Chris Burek. He assured us about 7 times "its two blocks from here...". It wasn't. It was a good 20 minute walk befor ewe managed to get there. And the Pizza... not as good as "the slice". And I do mean the pizza (of course the lady at this place was also no slice herself!). We then headed back to rez and chilled until it was time for our floor meeting.

Everyone introduced themselves (theres a LOT of guys. aparently the ratio at the rez is like 70% guys...) and Nate and I quickly befriended a few of them.

Then we had to go to this presentation about rules and such. Then we had a one hour speech from a motivational speaker... which we're still not sure why there was one... at school perhaps but not in Rez. It was pretty lame... although she got to a part which mentioned Fred Phelps (remember... that douchebag from The Laramie Project?) and the "god hates fags" stuff (she turns out is a lesbian) which was interesting but sadly it was the last 15 minutes or so of her otherwise meaningless speech.

Following that we went out to get some real food... which turned out to be sausauges from a street vendor... but damn was they good! We went with one other guy from our dorm, and then as we headed back to our room we ran into another who both came and joined us in our room. We all sat around and chatted for a bit, which was nice. After they left Nate said, "It's nice that we actually made some friends with some cool people from our floor" and it's true. It's nice to be getting to know some really cool new people.

So, all in all... I'm doing okay. It's going to take some adjustment but I think I'll be okay. Nate's brother is doing a show this week which we're both going to go to, and we're meeting lots of people. Of course I haven't yet started class so I could change my mind quickly... although I hope not.

Anyways, I should hit the hay. Need to get some rest. Of course, I don't need to be up early: class isn't 'til noon tomorrow! To all my Eastwood readers, have a great first day and I'll miss seeing all of you. Perhaps Eastwood will be planning a toronto trip to "visit eastwood alumnus Adam Schoales and Nathan Storring in their new hometown". I betcha it'd be a big seller. Well, at least with the grade nines...err... tens.

I hope to be e-mailing many of you soon with my new address and phone number, and all that jazz (which will be tough since Hotmail doesn't work too well on this shitty internet we have in our dorm). I'd post it here, but you know. Internet creepers...

Peace from 89 Chestnut.

:: adam.
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